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Thursday, November 12th, 2037
2:10 am
Due to spam comments, I've had to set my journal so that though anyone can see my journal, only friends can comment. If you want me to friend you, please add me to your friends list and send me an e-mail (address is in my profile) saying where you know me from.
Thursday, October 27th, 2016
9:19 pm
Bonfire - Goodnight Amanda (ballad)
A song about saying goodbye to someone who's passed away. I always did love a good emotional ballad

7:16 pm
Wednesday, October 26th, 2016
8:46 pm
10:59 am
Cosby Tennessee to I 40 Foothills Parkway Fall Colors 26oct16
A ride I go on every year. About a 75 minute round trip from my den (video is much shorter than that)

12:40 am
Something Wicked This Way Comes #1 Main Title
The soundtrack of a classic film about an evil carnival

Tuesday, October 25th, 2016
11:44 pm
10:36 am
5:04 am
3:26 am
Friend needs help with medical bill
One of my friends has been offered the chance to pay off an old bill for half of what is owed if she can get it together in 20 days

2:02 am
Sausage Party humor
Drawn by the artist after watching the movie with a couple of friends. The dialogue is what was actually said. My own opinion is that it was an excellent idea that was ruined by unfunny adult humor that was not needed to get a laugh, relying on adult humor for a laugh makes you look comedically illeterate and otherwise unable to make people laugh.

Monday, October 24th, 2016
9:43 pm
Shower Thoughts 10/24
One liners I like from http://just-shower-thoughts.tumblr.com

I hate sites that show a paragraph at a time, then have a ‘next page’ button to go read further
(comment from Cloudchaser - The people who do click next instead of sending a complaint to the site is why so many sites do this)

A chemistry textbook is atoms arranged in such a way to teach you about atoms

Fall would look way cooler if the grass changed color

There should be a Blackfish like documentary for pugs and other exotic dogs that struggle on a daily basis and are bred for our amusement

Charles Xavier has had hundreds of students over decades and decades, but none can heal his spine

A pizza is basically a real-time pie chart of how much pizza is left.

As someone who doesnt drink, and also has a weakness for redheads, I can accurately say that “I like my women like I like my ale: Ginger”.

The Empire has built 3 deaths stars, each to be the most powerful weapon in the galaxy. They have all been destroyed by x-wings. The Empire needs to invest in x-wings

I have more respect for someone with opposing views but an open mind than someone with the same views as me and a closed mind

Depression is a lumbering bully and Anxiety is the bully’s snickering little friend that never shuts up

People don’t say YOLO anymore. is it because it’s not cool anymore? or because they have all killed themselves off?

Your future self is pissed at you for not doing something right now

Calling yourself a hacker for executing a DDoS is like calling yourself a lock picker because you blew up a door with dynamite

In movies why doesn’t the villain spray paint all the bomb wires black

Every time I tell someone I want to be a stand-up comedian they start laughing, so I guess it’s going pretty well so far
11:02 am
That middle click arrow thingy
I have never wanted to use that arrow thingy that appears if I middle click on nothing in any browser and causes the page to scroll. Why does every browser even have that feature? Who actually uses it?
1:23 am
12:15 am
Sunday, October 23rd, 2016
10:57 am
Tom Hanks America's Dad Monologue - SNL
He was in most skits and it was as awesome as you'd expect it to be

4:44 am
'Make America Kind Again' lawn signs
With less than three weeks to go before Election Day, most Americans are tired of campaign slogans.

But one Sacramento mother has created a new slogan that’s quickly gaining fans.

Amanda Blanc made a “Make America Kind Again 2016” sign for a friend last week. Since then, she’s sold more than 100 signs to people in the community.

“It exemplifies respect. It doesn’t matter what you believe in, and it doesn’t matter what I believe in. We can still all be friends,” Blanc said.

Many of the sign’s buyers are also mothers. They say it’s their kids who highlight the need for a little more kindness in the world right now.

“They hear our discussions, and they hear what’s on TV – what’s on in the background. We have to be very careful. It definitely impacts me, I think, more as a mom now,” Katy Donato told ABC10 News as she came to pick up a sign on Friday.

“I want my child to grow up in a kind world,” Blanc said, explaining her inspiration. “They don’t have to be skeptical of anything. They can go and just enjoy life.”

“Make America Kind Again 2016” signs can be purchased online at Blanc’s Etsy shop
1:00 am
Saint and Deliverance (metal)
Just discovered these awesome sounding 80's/hair Christian thrash metal bands

Friday, October 21st, 2016
10:50 am
Eric Schwartz - A Day at the Beach
One of the very first animations I saw that was produced from within the furry fandom

9:47 am
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